what the hell?


Having clambered through the nigh impenetrable glibbering morass of compuspeak, I boldly claim that we have arrived. Hurrah!, but where? and what the hell? We have arrived here, on our own website, the Ifinc website, where contacts can be made, ideas deposited and previous and current works can be accessed. One of the dynamics of this bold move into the interworld, is that we need somewhere to access the podcasts we haven’t made yet, but hey, they’re coming. The podcast, which is like a radio show, but not on any station, is to provide another avenue for the Ifinc org to get some of their work out there. Counter revolutionaries of the garage aesthetic, Kong Fuzi have got some original gear to go, as has cello genre shredder Cello Riot. Urbane Andy has hours of interviews with some of this city’s most locqacious, and I have yet to finish the first script of Walking Tours, an evocative aural journey down the streets and alleys and into the pubs of Wagga Wagga.  The anticipation is making me giddy which is probably why  naught is recorded yet. But again hey, we have a website.

But who are we?

Ifinc is a collection of artists and ne’er do wells who decided to form an incorporated body so as to attract the drips of arts funding that are annually bled from various tiers of government. This has proved succesfull; this website creation has been in part funded by Wagga Wagga City Council, as will be the podcasts. We have also attracted funding from federal and NSW government entities. We have used this funding to create three seperate live perfomance pieces which can be seen on YOU TUBE via the links on our videos menu.  These colossal gatherings of talent and bizzarity have gone down a treat, and are entitled with an alliteration I just noticed: BIG WATER, BULL, and BRIDGE. The podcast will be known as STAGGERING MAN. and will be found on the podcast menu. It’s like toast.

But what the hell?

Look, there is a lot to explain, and I’ll keep adding more of these POST doovalackies to update and futher elucidate, but if the central inescapable fact of our energies is that it is all based on and around Wagga Wagga, using artists and technicians that live in WaggaWagga and we tell Wagga Wagga stories. If you’re catching on here, Wagga Wagga is a place, a construct, a gathering, a spray of boxes, a city.  As the snowy mountains collapse into box – strewn plains, and the rivers flatten and wind, there crouches Wagga Wagga a big inland city on stolen Wiradjuri land, surrounded by farms and propped up by a university and two military bases. Hmmm sounds funky.

And now I depart.

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